Closet Organization

    A cluttered closet is such a drag. When your closet is filled to the brim, it’s hard to find specific items and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Getting dressed becomes a nightmare! I know, I’ve been there. Luckily, there’s a simple fix: an organized closet.

    Choosing an outfit in a well-kept closet turns into a dream. Making it worth the process of organizing!

    So if you’re ready to achieve your dream closet, I’ve got you covered!

    The following process is exactly what I used to achieve my organized closet. Feel free to follow the same steps or implement the ones that apply to you. After all, the goal is to have an organized closet that fits your needs.

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    Pare things down

    Go to your closet and take out anything that is damaged, ripped or has so much mileage that it’s barely recognizable and throw it out! Also look for other things that can go straight to the trash such as bent hangers, unused shoe boxes, etc.

    Starting with this small step will spark an organizing extravaganza!

    Remove seasonal items

    Removing off-season clothing is a great way to free up space in any closet. Any item that went unworn that year, can go in a donation pile. Make sure to launder your clothes before storing away for the next couple months. Adding cedar blocks or oil is a good way to keep moths away from stored clothing. Just make sure the containers stay completely closed after adding cedar to ensure the fumes stay confined to that space.

    Seasonal clothing can be stored in a number of ways. I have the IKEA Pax system installed in my closet which allows me to use all the vertical space available so my out-of-season clothing can be stored waaay up high in these and these storage containers. You can see how I use the containers in the image below.

    Simple tips to organize your bedroom closet.

    If you don’t have the option, here are some other ways you can store your out-of-season clothes:

    • Under the bed in under-bed storage containers.

    • In a suitcase.

    • On a rolling garment rack with a cover to keep dust out.

    • In a different closet in your home.

    Empty the closet

    If this task seems too daunting, you can complete it by sections (all hanging clothes one day, all accessories the next day, etc.)

    But, if you have the time, I highly suggest doing a one-time overhaul. It won’t be pretty but it’s the best way to ensure you start with a clean slate and it will encourage you to complete the task.

    Take advantage of the completely empty closet to give it a good clean.

    Take everything you removed and place the items in one spot. The bed or the floor are generally good places to tackle the next step.

    Organize your closet.


    Go through each one of your items to decide which will stay and which will go. Try to limit your sorting system to a Keep pile and a Donate pile. “Maybe” piles can be dangerous. They somehow manage to escape their pile and multiply! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    To determine if an item gets an invite back to your closet, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do I love it?
    • Do I wear it often?
    • Does it fit my lifestyle?
    • Do I feel comfortable/confident wearing this?

    If the answers to those questions are a resoundingly NO, then move the item to the donate pile. Make sure the donation box goes straight to the donation center as soon as possible! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put off taking donations to my local center just to have things crawl back out and settle in my house again 🙄

    Analyze your closet space

    At this point, only items you love should remain. This should give you a pretty good idea of how much closet space is needed.

    Evaluate the area. Are you maximizing the space? Do you need to install shelves, hooks or a whole new system? Would it be useful to add a shoe rack to the back of the door? Could some drawer dividers come in handy? Maybe some baskets would be perfect for storing your loungewear.

    Now is the time to make adjustments to your closet. If not, you are ready to move things back!

    Put things back

    Now, for the fun part: Putting things back!

    The answer to how to put things back the right way is entirely dependent on you. Organizing your closet (or any space for that matter) is all about arranging items to make them easily accessible. So there are many right ways to organize your clothing!

    Here are different organizing options for your clothes. Try one method or combination of a few. Have fun with it!

    • Organize by Type – With this method, you group clothing by like items. All short sleeve shirts and all long sleeves go together. Jeans are stored together, and all trousers together. Sleeveless dresses in one section, followed by spaghetti strapped dresses. You get the idea. This system makes it super easy to see everything you have and how much. Locating a specific item doesn’t take a search crew! You’ll know exactly where to look for a t-shirt.

    • Organize by Color – In addition to sorting by type, you can further organize each category by color. This is the secret to achieve that Pinterest closet look! Or organize by color alone. Use this color order: white, tan, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, brown, grey, black. If you have patterned clothes, decide on its primary color and add it to that color group or create a pattern section and put it there.

    • Organize in Clusters – This system involves sectioning off your wardrobe into groups of core items that work well together. All these items are coordinating in color so they pair nicely to create a number of ensembles. Look at your existing items and decide if you can form clusters. This system makes it incredibly easy to dress every morning. You choose a top, a bottom, and a layering piece from one of your clusters and you’re set!

    For example: A cluster can consist of a white tee, a graphic tee, a chambray shirt, striped long sleeve, a white blouse, a navy cardigan, blue jeans, gray jeans, and white shorts. Check out my Pinterest board for more examples of core items that pair well. 

    • Organize by Application – If you often dress in layers this may be the best option for you. Keep all layering tees and camis together, top layers like button-ups and pullover sweaters stay together, and outer layers such as blazers, cardigans, and vests are kept together and so on.

    • Organize by Occasion – This system is perfect for those who regularly dress for different occasions. If you have a lot of formal wear, you can store that in one section away from casual wear. You can create a section for all your work clothes and another for clothes you wear out on the weekend.

    Keep the Closet Looking Neat & Tidy

    • Hang all clothes in the same direction.
    • Use same color hangers for a cohesive look.
    • Have an extra hook for clothes that will be worn the next day.
    • Use dividers to separate each category in your closet.
    • Add a shelf above the door for more storage.
    • Have a designated spot for empty hangers. Move hangers to that spot when they aren’t being used.
    • Add pool noddles to keep boots from getting flimsy.
    • Fold everything in drawers vertically, including socks, t-shirts, leggings, and undergarments.
    • Use open shelves for stacked clothes such as jeans, shorts, and sweaters.
    • Separate purses by style.
    • Don’t over stuff your drawers.
    • Use the entire closet space.
    • Place dryer sheets in out-of-season storage to keep them smelling fresh.
    • Use hangers with grip to prevent clothes from falling on the floor.
    • Empty space is okay!

    Simple tips to organize your bedroom closet.

    Once you’ve completed these steps your closet should look tidy and everything should be easily accessible! Woohoo!

    Are you motivated to keep on organizing?
    Let me know in the comments what you want to organize next!

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