Saving Space and Removing Clutter in Your Home!

    We all have moments where we start to get sick of looking at cluttered areas in our homes.

    These are some cool ideas to help get rid of clutter and free up extra space your home.

          Floating Vanity Shelves

    Small counters and limited drawer space seem to be THE biggest problem in a small bathroom. Where are we suppose to put all of our brushes, lotions, and q-tips??

    Take advantage of the wall space next to your vanity with floating shelves for all of the items you use often. Check out the details over at Graceful Order.

              Under-The-Stairs Conversion

    Although not always easy to get to, the storage space that is usually under the stairs is nice, but what if you could convert that space into something useful like a mini mud room, desk, or reading nook!? As long as you have some drawers and hooks for backpacks, scarves, umbrellas, etc., I think this would be more valuable than a dark storage space that you have to get down on all fours to get to.

               Tank Top Space Saver

    If you own as many tank tops as me, you may already know how many hangers they take up, not to mention how much rod space! With just a few shower curtains rings and a velvet hanger  (to keep them from sliding), you can store those bad boys all on ONE hanger. I wouldn’t do this with tanks that wrinkle, but the cotton, long and lean type are perfect for this contraption.






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