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    Plant Puns on Painted Potted Flower Pots – Adorable Gift Idea to Make Them Smile!

    Say that title 4 times fast “Plant Puns on Painted Potted Planters”..now that is a tongue twister!

    So I was talking crafts with a friend at the office and she showed me these painted terracotta plant pots. What a great gift for someone who is leaving the office or a friend who is down or recovering from illness. It’s an awesome gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face! :o) In fact that friend just had her final week at our office as she moves onto another part of the company and I surprised her with the Elvis Parsley flower pot. She loved it! Plus its edible so that is a gift that keeps on giving!

    You will need:

    Terracotta pots, white or cream paint and paint brush, natural jute rope, hot glue gun and 2 sticks of glue, pencil and Sharpie, a herb or plant and a catchy pun to write on it. 

    Start by painting the empty terracotta planter pot a white or cream color with a regular craft paint. Allow this to dry for several hours.

    Start with a Terracotta Pot and White or Cream Paint
    Paint the pot-I’m pretty sloppy with it when I rush
    Write out the message in pencil then in permanent marker











    You can choose to write the message on now or after you hot glue the rope. Decide where you would like to write the message onto the pot. I recommend that you write it very lightly in pencil first. Also make sure that the ends of the rope don’t end up at the front of the planter. If you make a huge mistake-like miss a letter in a word. Try to save the project by painting over. If that doesn’t cover it you could change the colour to a dark blue, brown or black and use white paint for the lettering. Waste not!


    Cut the rope on an angle
    Put a dot of glue to begin
    I had the rope going left to right because I’m right handed









    Trim the end of the rope on an angle. Begin by gluing the rope around the top of the flower pot. Since hot glue dries so quickly I would put a 2 inch line of glue and then press the rope into the glue for a few seconds. When this is cooled add another 2 inch line of hot glue and press the rope into the glue. Repeat all the way around the pot until you have filled the rim of the planter and the ends meet up. Trim the end of the rope on an angle and glue the ends down. Watch your fingers!


    Go around with a few inches of glue and press to the flower pot
    Push the second row tight to the first row as you go around
    At the end cut the rope on an angle to blend in









    Lastly, you need to put your plant in the pot. Add a few pebbles in the bottom, then soil, then the plant and a bit more soil to fill the gaps. Awesome! Here are some more that I did this week.




    The planter that says “can’t touch this” is meant to be a cactus but there was wasn’t any available at the store so this succulent is acting as a stand in.

    This has been a lot of fun. Last night we had a family dinner and I took an Elvis Parsley to my mom’s house. It got a laugh out of the group. If you are looking for a silly hostess gift or housewarming gift I highly recommend giving Elvis.


    Plant Puns on Painted Potted Flower Pots – Adorable Gift Idea to Make Them Smile!


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