Inexpensive Easter Games For Kids

    Inexpensive Easter Games To Keep Them Hoppin’

    Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year. The diverse celebrations of Christ’s resurrection and colorful merriment make it such a cheerful and hope-filled holiday. Activities surrounding the holiday often include a big meal, a search for eggs, and some joy-filled fun and games. If you are looking for penny wise fun for your gathering, check out these Inexpensive Easter Games To Keep Them Hoppin’.



    Growing up we have celebrated Jesus rising rather than bunnies and chocolate. I remember one hunt I forced my brother to play with me with empty eggs just because I wanted to look for eggs like “normal” kids.
    But we always went to church and we called it Easter.

    However, this April I find Christians are going just as ballistic as they do when people say “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!” in December. The “sanctified response” to a pleasant “Happy Easter!” is “URGGH RESURRECTION SUNDAY!”
    That may or may not be mildly exaggerated.

    Call me old fashioned but Happy Easter.

    DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss
    Tomorrow the theme is bunnies at our library toddler group.  We’re going to make paper bag bunnies and play a bunny game too.  Since I already had this lovely large piece of cardboard, I made a really simple Cardboard Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss game…. complete with… wait for it… carrot bean bags.

    DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss

    DIY Easter Bunny Bean Bag Toss
    Jelly Bean Relay Game

    This Game is meant for Cub Scouts.
    Plastic spoon for each scout.
    Bowl of jelly beans, lemon drops, or M&Ms for each team.
    Empty bowl for each team.
    Set the full bowls on one end of the play area.
    Set the empty bowls on the other.
    Tell everyone to NOT put the spoons in their mouth and then give each scout a plastic spoon.
    The objective is to move as many items from one bowl to the other in a set time.


    • Hands behind your back.
    • Hold the handle of the spoon in mouth.
    • You must get your bean to the bowl before getting another bean – if one is dropped, it must be retrieved.

    I think it’s more fun when you let the scouts on a team all go as fast as they can rather than one at a time, but that’s up to you.

    Rabbit Hole-This great group game from The Inspired Treehouse will test the kiddos balance and dexterity.
    The Inspired Treehouse - Try this fun group game for kids to inspire movement, teamwork, and fun!

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