I know so many of you are just loving the Fixer-Upper Farmhouse Trend…a trend that I think is here to stay as a classic (don’t you agree : ).  For me…I love the style but there is one element that is sometimes not there and I miss it so much.  Can you guess what it is?  COLOR!  Farmhouse Style is the Master of Neutrals…all different shades…textures…fibers of neutrals and they work harmoniously with each other to obtain a gorgeous rich and inviting home.  But sometimes I just want some color…do you ever feel that way?  Well I have been searching for sometime now to find some ideas for everyone so you can add some color to your home that Joanna Gaines would even approve of!  Come check out How To Add Color To Your Farmhouse With Ease.

    How about a fun vignette with just the right pop of color like this one over at Smile and Wave.  How much do you love the color of that vintage typewriter!

    Laura over at Duke Manor Farm shows us that you just can’t go wrong with a beautiful bloom…a mason jar and burlap!

    My heart skips a beat every time I see this Rainbow Glassware Collection over at A Beautiful Mess.  How amazing would a collection like this look in your gorgeous Farmhouse!

    How does it go…accessorize…accessorize…accessorize!!!  The perfect way to bring color into the home.  Here at Creative Caine Cabin…Dawn transforms a Chicken Feeder into a blue masterpiece and then added purple with the prettiest of plants.  PERFECTION!  I can see your Farmhouse smiling.

    This is such a dreamy way of adding a splash of color Farmhouse style…a pretty floral painting and a basket filled with blooms.  Keep your eye open when you go to the Thrift Shops…you never know what old piece of art might look perfect in a certain space.  When they are all packed on top of each other they sometimes don’t look as good…but I highly suggest going through them one by one and really looking at them…you just might find some winners!  I mean how perfect does this single Framed Rose look above this beautiful dresser and the hand basket filled with blooms just puts it over the top…so simple yet so amazing! Check this out over at Saw, Nail & Paint!

    I am really enjoying the new Home Decor Show…Home Town.  It’s a little bit different than all of the other shows …this wonderful couple gives old homes a new life on a budget.  They really work with the new home owners and find out what they really love.  They incorporate many pieces that the home owner has all ready and just really mixes it up to personalize the home perfectly for the new family.  Well any way : ) they use a lot of color and I wanted to share some of their ideas with you. 

    This room was completely covered with the wallpaper that is now above the fireplace…major overload…but with the addition of hand-made wanescotting in this beautiful shade and keeping an accent wall above the fireplace with the original wallpaper…a perfect blend of color in true Farmhouse Style comes to life!  So you might consider some color on your moulding…or an accent wall of wallpaper?  It’s a great way to add your favorite shade!

    Here’s another glimpse at the style on Home Town.  They kept the original cabinets in this Kitchen Makeover and added color on the top cabinet area.  That is a great way to introduce a great color into your kitchen.  Just think about what color you would love and then look at your cabinets…it just might work for you!

    One more peek at the tricks of color from Home Town.  Go bold…paint a room a beautiful rich color and make it pop with white moulding!  I have done this in my own living room and love it…the one thing I highly recommend if you are going to use a darker color is that the room is well lit : )  Such great color drama!

    Lucy over at Craftberry Bush works her color magic in her Contemporary Farmhouse Home with a gorgeous…fresh Centerpiece!  It’s a WOW and it is fabulous!

    Suzy over at Worthing Court has her own special ways of adding great color to her Farmhouse Space.  From vases…to greenery…to glass baubles and so much more…drop by for a visit and you will be inspired for sure!

    Over at The Lettered Cottage you will see a great way to add beautiful hues to your space.  This Farmhouse holds true to it’s nautical look with a Gallery Wall that brings the beach and ocean home with charm and grace.

    Over at Home Is Where The Boat Is you will see yet another version of a colorful vignette!  This vignette even has a vintage style Tole Painted piece which adds color and a touch of drama on the black background.  Things that we think might be really dated can be reborn by hanging around with the right kind of friends in a vignette!  I bet your Kitchen might enjoy a touch of this charm!

    Here’s another example of using a feature wall of Wallpaper and carrying it through with maybe cushions or pillows…then the table accents compliment it perfectly.  A bit bold and bright for the Farmhouse look but it sure is fun and you can adjust the idea with patterns and colors you adore.  The formula here is great if you insert your “likes” into the equation. 

    Orphans With Makeup has a creamy and oh so dreamy way of adding color to a totally neutral space…go with color for the feature piece of furniture.  Here the most gorgeous table is a sweet and charming marvelous mint green.  With a few kisses of green in the accessories perfection has been completed!  (Well that’s my opinion : )  This is a great formula to use also in any room with your favorite piece of furniture with color!  LOVE IT!

    One really easy way to introduce a pop of color is by adding a feature chair.

    Or maybe a signature sofa!

    When I saw this I fell in love.  It is so soft…charming and beautiful.  A bit time consuming but oh so dramatic and original.  This look might not be for everyone…but I had to share it with all of you just incase you didn’t see it over at Magnolia.  Joanna Gaines outdid herself with this gorgeous installment.  Maybe you want to adapt the idea to your home in your style.  A great way to add color.

    KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms is a Queen Of Farmhouse Style and she really mixes it up a bit too!  Here is a fabulous Loft Workspace she designed for Cancer Survivors and it is wonderful.  Light…Airy and Fun!  She shares a very Contemporary Farmhouse Idea by painting the Barn Door the most delicious shade of aqua and a few bar stools is a great way to add a little bit of color to your space also.  Come and see the whole space and the caring story behind it.

    This is not a sponsored link…it is simple a fabulous way to add a pop of color in ANY Kitchen…Farmhouse included.  You can find colorful Enamel Pots all over the place for varied prices…I guarantee you can find some in your budget area.  This idea is just so easy to implement and looks great especially with delicious veggie soup inside!

    How about a colorful backsplash!  You can’t go wrong with this…pick your favorite color and run with it!  I guarantee you will smile every time you are chopping your veggies.

    These are just a few ideas to add some color to your home in Farmhouse Style!  Don’t forget throw pillows are always a great idea…glassware…table cloths…curtains…rugs…bed spreads…comforters…throw blankets…decorative boxes and more…they are all great ways too!  Hope you enjoy!

    As always here at The Cottage Market we would like to send out tons of APPAWS and APPLAUSE to all of our blogger friends for sharing their talents and creativity with us!  We want them to know that they are appreciated and loved.  You are going to adore exploring their blogs for more outstanding DIY’s and inspiration.  As always…ENJOY & CREATE!

    Want to stay in the know? I’d really love that! (((HUGS)))
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    How To Add Color To Your Farmhouse With Ease

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