School is almost over and my panic of “what are we going to do every single day this summer?” is starting to set in. I love my kids, but we all need a break once and a while. Thankfully my kids don’t know how to say “Mom I’m bored” yet. But instead I hear “Mom! What can I do? (moan).” So I decided to create a list of 30 EASY summer activities for kids. This calmed my nerves about having nothing planned this summer and it got my kids excited to spend time outside.

    The best part, little or no preparation is required for these easy kids activities!

    Although I love a good Pinterest kid’s activity, I wanted to stay away from “educational” games or activities. This summer I want our kids to enjoy the fresh air and just be a kid, grass stains and all.

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    Every mom dreads hearing I'm bored!! So beat the boredom with this list of 30 easy summer activities for kids. Little to no preparation is required for these fun activities. Easy ideas for outdoor fun with your toddler and preschooler. #kidsactivities #summer #toddler #preschooler #parenting #summeractivities #play

    I believe it’s important for kids to learn how to play independently and this is something I’d love my toddler to do more of this summer. Some days he is okay with wandering around our backyard looking for butterflies or picking grass, but other days he wants more structure and asks me to do an activity with him.

    I don’t want to spend a ton of money on outdoor toys and as I said earlier I don’t want to take time to create elaborate activities for our kids either. So I did my best to brainstorm simple summer activities for kids. Sometimes I just need a quick reminder of EASY activities.

    We don’t do play dough or sidewalk chalk every day so when I remember we have activities like this our kids are thrilled. It also keeps their attention because it is something “new.” I hope you find this list useful in your summer adventures!



    Draw with chalk (Bonus: Make a road to drive your race car or cozy coupe on!)

    Blow bubbles

    Go on a nature walk

    Do an easy baby sensory activity (from The Jenny Evolution)

    Play in a water table (if you don’t have one this is a MUST for toddlers!!)

    Dig in the sand or dirt

    Throw a ball

    Color or play with playdough at a picnic table

    Roll down a hill

    Do child-led water sensory play (from Life With Moore Babies)

    Listen to music and dance outside

    Buy toys from the dollar store and let the kids imagination take over!

    Play with rubber ducks in a water bucket


    Have your kids wash their bikes or play cars (from Uno Zwei Tutu)

    Use a spray bottle to spray the sidewalk or plants

    Fill a bucket and give your child a paint brush to paint the sidewalk

    Have a pretend tea party with real water

    Fill balloons with water and pretend they are babies

    Get super messy and let the kids paint a canvas outside

    Make a mud kitchen (from Messy Little Monster)

    Make ice balls: Fill up water in a balloon and freeze, cut off balloon and play!

    Paint rocks you find in your backyard

    Plant flower seeds and watch them grow every day!

    Change your summer with these list of easy kid's activities!! You can print the list of 30+ activities for your fridge. #summer #toddlerlife #SAHM


    Paint with shaving cream (from Learning and Exploring Through Play)

    Make homemade popsicles

    Floating flowers sensory bin (from Twitchettes)

    Have a picnic lunch outside with a blanket and basket

    Natural finger painting with blackberries (from Kori at Home)

    Water pistol painting (from Messy Little Monster)

    Create an outdoor obstacle course with tunnels, slide, jump rope, etc.

    Connect with siblings by trying a sibling play activity

    List of over 30 easy summer activities for kids. Little to no preparation is required for these fun activities. Easy ideas for outdoor fun with your toddler and preschooler. #kidsactivities #summer #summeractivities #play


    Thanks for reading our fun summer activities list! If you want to download the list to print and hang on your fridge download it here.

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    30 EASY Summer Activities for Kids

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