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    25 Playful DIY Backyard Projects To Surprise Your Kids

    Are you always looking for a playground without caring about the safe problems for your kids? The backyard is the hottest destination for you. You can make a DIY backyard project for your kids. This not only show your kids what a creative and omnipotent parent they have, but also can provide the most convenient and safest playground for them to play outdoors.
    Here are some DIY backyard project ideas. They are easy and affordable. What’s more, they provide you a family project that allow you to finish the work together with your kids. Come and keep your kids entertained with these outdoor projects.

    1. It’s cross between a tree-house, a hammock, a tire swing and a trampoline, perfect for your kids.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-1Source: pinterest.com

    2.Car Garage – great idea for all those large outdoor toys.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-2Tutorial: momendeavors.com

    3. Modern sandbox and chalk wall

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-3Source: mommo-design.blogspot.it

    4. Climbing Tower

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-4Source: schoolplaygrounddesigners.co.uk

    5. Giant Spool UpCycled into an Outdoor Science Lab

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-5Tutorial: tpcraft.blogspot.com

    6. DIY Covered Sandbox With Bench Seating

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-6Source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

    7. Treehouse and Tent

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-7Source: thehandmadehome.net

    8. An In-Ground Trampoline

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-8Source: familyleisure.com

    9. Build a children’s arbor bench.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-9Tutorial: thecraftingchicks.com

    10. A pallet and some rope makes a multi-person swing.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-10Source: havven.com.au

    11. Water Balloon Pinatas are perfect for a hot summer day of fun.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-11Source: milkallergymom.com

    12. The perfect place to finish that Harry Potter book.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-12Tutorial: vintagerevivals.com

    13. A Wiffle Ball Stadium

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-13Source: leaguelineup.com

    14. Mount a chalk-painted board to the fence so kids can unleash their creativity outdoors.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-14Source: handmadehq.com

    15. Make a race car track for kid.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-15Source: nz.lifestyle.yahoo.com

    16. Building a Mound Slide

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-16Source: mummymusingsandmayhem.com

    17. Build a cheap and easy bean fort.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-17Source: joyfultoddlers.blogspot.com

    18. Make A Leak Proof Water Blob

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-18Tutorial: homemadetoast.com

    19. Painted Tire Swings

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-19Source: janiszettel.blogspot.com.au

    20. PVC Backyard Bike Carwash

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-20Source: stitchandsoiree.wordpress.com

    21. Children’s play frame with swing, knotted rope, climbing net, swinging tyre and platform.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-21Source: cedarandthyme.com

    22. Outdoor Chalkboard Walls For Kids

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-22Source: kidsomania.com

    23. Build this backyard tire see saw.

    AD-DIY-Backyard-Projects-Kid-23Source: builtbykids.com

    24. This sandbox was created out of an old tire, paint, a pool noodle and a few other budget-friendly items.


    25. Wooden pallet mud kitchen for kids.


    Source: WooHome



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