Have you ever looked at a person’s house that looks perfect, yet you never really see them do any of the housework? Organized people do things daily that eliminates the hard work when it comes to house cleaning. People with clean homes tackle the chores in a different way to many people, to imply they have a clean home, without it being perfect. It is these things that help to reduce the time spent cleaning, yet still, have a clean home.

    People With Clean Homes

    Finding a routine that works for you is important when it comes to cleaning. If you implement these tips you might find that you spend less time cleaning; it is possible and you might not realize how much you can get done without thinking about cleaning!

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    1. Make your beds – I know this one is so important and I have taken this further. If my daughter forgets to make her bed in the morning I will make it for her, I know she is old enough to do this herself, but if I leave it, I feel the house is untidy. If I make it not only does it bring the house together, it shows that I have done something nice for her too, a way to show her that I care. I wrote an article on Why You Should Make Your Bed Last! 
    2. Laundry – is one of those tasks which can take over the house unless you keep it under control, either have a system where you do laundry on particular days or tackle it daily. Whatever option you choose don’t let it take over your home!
    3. Dishes – if you have a dishwasher and use it! Make sure that it is empty in the morning so dirty dishes have a place to go, keeping the kitchen clear. If you don’t have a dishwasher, wash your dishes as you use them, don’t let them sit there waiting for you to wash them. I make my own dishwasher powder, you can read the article Simple And Easy To Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent here!
    4. When you cook, have a bowl of hot water ready to wash as you go. You will have less to do when you have finished your meal or cooking activity.
    5. Planning – if you take the time to plan, know what you need to do and when.
    6. Put away your clothes when you take them off at night, if they need to go into the laundry basket put them there, don’t leave them on the floor. 5 Easy Tips To Help With Laundry is written to help you tackle your laundry! I prefer a plastic laundry hamper because it’s easier to keep clean!
    7. When you walk in the door take off your shoes. The less dirt you bring into your home the less dirt you will need to clean up!
    8. If you don’t have time to deal with an untidy room and it is possible to shut the door, even for a few hours, then shut it, it won’t hurt!
    9. If you use something, when you have finished with it put it away. This will mean that your home looks tidier and you will have less clutter lying around.
    10. If you are in the kitchen, wipe the sides down (also called countertops)  before you leave, same as in the bathroom. Get in the habit of wiping down the sides will mean your home looks and feels cleaner.
    11. A quick clean of the floors before bed means that you wake to a clean home. It then reduces the work that you need to do in the morning and can make your morning routines easier!
    12. Instead of thinking that cleaning is going to take hours, tackle it in five-minute cleanups. This is a great way to get everyone to help! Set a timer and just clean as fast as you can in five minutes, it is a great way to get over that first lack of luster to clean.
    13. Don’t procrastinate, it is easy to put something off; however, it often means there is more to do when you eventually get around to the task, just get up and moving and you will feel so much better.
    14. People with clean homes just don’t have the clutter. They have what they need and nothing duplicated or more than is necessary. They don’t have the clutter than can make a clean home look unorganized.
    15. It is important that you have systems in place to deal with the paper that comes into your home. This is the biggest problem for most people as it just seems to creep into your home. I wrote Simple And Easy Tips To Organize Your Paperwork to help you!
    16. Your bed is not a place to store items, nothing should have a home on the bed, keep this clear of items that don’t belong there.
    17. A quick tidy before bed is a great idea and routine to build into your day. Getting up to a tidy home is a great motivational boost to your morale and can help to start the day off great.
    18. Have a set schedule for vacuuming; the more you vacuum the quicker you can do the task.
    19. Dust your home regularly; the more you keep up to date with the dusting the quicker you can accomplish this task and your home never look dusty.
    20. Focus on one area at a time, don’t get distracted as it is impossible to do everything all at once, multitasking just doesn’t work and cannot help to keep your home organized.



    How To Copy People With Clean Homes

    If you are looking to use these tips above to get your home in order, remember to take it slowly. A habit takes time to form.  So don’t overwhelm yourself as this is likely to end in failure.

    Take one habit at a time; give it a few weeks to settle into something you do daily before adding in a new habit that you want to follow. Not everything is going to work, you might need to tweak a habit so it suits your needs better.

    Therefore, it is important to find those habits that will work for you. Have the clean home, with minimal cleaning! It doesn’t take much to keep on top of the cleaning with doing little and often really does work.


    20 Things People With Clean Homes Do Daily



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