Your garage can be a valuable space… or it can be a complete dump. It’s all up to how you organize (or don’t organize) your space. And since you loved our original garage envy post, we knew you were in need of even more ideas to organize your garage. We’ve found 15 more tips, hacks and clever ideas to take your garage from messy to miraculous.

    Make the chaos and clutter in your garage disappear with these clever DIY ideas and tips.

    Install magnetic strips for your drill bits, screwdrivers and other small tools. Genius!


    via Better Homes & Gardens

    Cut the tops off laundry detergent containers, and use them to organize your nails, screws, bolts and other hardware.


    via Family Handyman

    If you are limited on floor and wall space, consider getting some heavy duty clips to hang from your garage door hardware.  Instant bike rack!

    garage organizer

    Get the bikes stacked and orderly! No more pile of kids stuff!

    Organize your Garage with a DIY Bike Rack
    Garage Organization Systems

    Organize for free with shipping pallets. Many local businesses are happy to get rid of their old, broken pallets for free. All you have to do is ask!


    via Unexpected Elegance

    Pegboards are indispensable in the garage. Use them to hang tools, toys and anything else cluttering up your floors. (See other pegboard storage ideas!)


    via The Creativity Exchange

    Plain plastic bins with clearly labeled contents can save your sanity. It’s so simple, but so tidy!


    via A Bowl Full of Lemons

    Install a rack to hang your power tools on. Or if you’re not into making one yourself, any old coat rack will do.


    via DIY Chat Room

    If your garage doubles as the tool shed for your gardening tools, this pvc pipe storage trick will blow you away. How smart is that?


    via Ashbee Design

    School-style lockers can keep your power tools locked up nice and tight. Helpful if you have small kids who go in and out of the garage!


    via Better Homes & Gardens

    Organize screws in old jars attached to the bottoms of shelves.


    via Chez Larsson

    Garage Wall Storage Idea

    Make a shelf to hold all of your screwdrivers. So much easier to find what you need than digging through a toolbox!


    via Fresh Crush

    If you have folding chairs and a folding table for entertaining, hang them on the wall to save valuable space over stacking them on the floor.


    via House Organization

    Put spray paint, WD-40 and other cans/small products in a shoe organizerShoe organizers typically cost less than $15 each and are so valuable around the house.


    via Hi Sugar Plums

    Put recycling bins right by the door so it doesn’t pile up in your house. When you only have a few steps to take, you’re more likely to put it in its proper place right away.


    via Clean and Scentsible

    Love this idea for storing scooters and skateboards. You can easily make one yourself using a long, wide board and some hooks or knobs. (Site not in English.)


    via Flylady

    Have a big collection of tape? Put it on a suit hanger with a locking pants bar.


    via One Good Thing by Jillee

    And if you’re looking for car organization ideas or car hackswe’ve got you covered there, too!

    15 Ideas to Organize Your Garage

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